Frozen kingdom

Before I came to the United Kingdom, I expected that it would be cold here. Very cold. So it hasn’t been surprising for me to watch the mercury struggle to climb above 0°C and experience the on-and-off snowfall. If anything, I’m a little bemused by how obsessed the British are with the weather (apparently a national pastime) and how ill-prepared they seem for the conditions. I mean seriously, trains that break down because of the “wrong type” of snow?!

Then I found out that this is actually not a typical British winter. We lucky few Antipodeans have found ourselves in the UK during the middle of the worst cold-spell in over 30 years! It all came into perspective when I saw the remarkable photo below of practically the whole of Great Britain covered in snow.

NASA satellite photo of Great Britain covered in snow
NASA satellite photo of Great Britain covered in snow, 7 Jan 2010

Warm beer is a moot point when the ambient temperature is colder than a refrigerator!