A tale of four tutors

Four tutors at two Group of Eight universities in Sydney in the past two weeks: an allegory on some of the qualities of good teachers…

Tutor A teaches medicine. Although qualified in a clinical health science, she had little understanding of the subject material nor demonstrated any convincing attempt to do so. She did not attempt to establish rapport with the students in her class.

Tutor B teaches clinical sciences. Whilst clearly qualified in the majority of the subject material taught, he then attempted to teach some material which he didn’t understand (in a field where some of the graduate students in the class were qualified). He did, however, attempt to establish rapport with the students in his class with some success.

Tutors C & D teach in the Faculty of Pharmacy at USyd and the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW respectively. Although both are relatively young, they proactively ensure that they each have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the material taught. Appreciating the importance of connecting with students, they both make a high priority of establishing good rapport with the students in their respective classes.

Who would you prefer as your tutor?

5 thoughts on “A tale of four tutors

  1. Yeah, it might be misinterpreted if I didn’t de-identify A and B to this extent. Suffice to say they’re not colleagues of mine in any direct sense.

    And hey, tutor C isn’t necessarily me – there are plenty of other good tutors in pharm… And in descomp for that matter. =)

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