Bleeding love

English singer/songwriter Leona Lewis’ song “Bleeding Love” contains the lines:

“But I don’t care what you say, I’m in love with you / They try to pull me away but they don’t know the truth / My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing…”

It got me thinking… Perhaps she knows more about cardiology than she realises:

  1. Occlusion of major vein, e.g. SVC/IVC (”…the vein that I keep on closing…”)
  2. Decreased venous return
  3. Decreased cardiac output
  4. Decreased myocardial perfusion
  5. Myocardial ischaemia/infarction
  6. Cardiac failure (”My heart’s crippled…”)

Okay, so the literal reading of the text is a bit tenuous and I skipped a few things in the mechanism, but QED!

5 thoughts on “Bleeding love

  1. Haha… love it!! Here are the missing steps…

    3. Decreased cardiac output
    4. Compensation leading to increased afterload
    5. Development of LV hypertrophy

    then 4, 5, 6 🙂

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